Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dim-witted statements give rise to great ideas

Engineering engenders wonderful ideas which at times metamorphose into great products reaping a lot of tangible and non tangible rewards.One is constantly bombarded with ideas during his or her engineering life. One just has to keep his or her mind open.

It was the beginning of the 7th semester and we were all still recovering from the pleasant shock after having passed in microprocessors the previous semester.
It was the Networks class. In walks a short man(we called him chotu, with love). The moment he entered we all evinced our grief. He had taught microprocessors the previous semester and he had no clue what was going on. I bet he still doesn't.

Seeing our disappointment, the first thing he said was something like "Last semester I did not know mewP well. I was new to it and I too was learning and teaching at the same time. But this time you can ask me anything in Networks. I am exceptional at it"

Seated at the last bench we couldn't see who spoke these words. By the confident tone and the sort of echo and the light rays from the window we thought God himself had spoken these words. All our apprehensions were laid to rest.
"ahhh now we can open our book a day before the exam, if not two days before", cried one smart alec.

A few minutes into the class chotu came to the topic of LAN, MAN and WAN and with the same effusion of enthusiasm that he began the class with he said something that changed our lives completely: "WAN is between countries and Internet is between planets", so much so that I even designed a T-shirt(below) which unfortunately didn't get approved as our department T-shirt.

His ignorant statement was more than a mere idiotic statement. It was one that even Tim Berners-Lee or Al Gore wouldn't have imagined.
Now all I need is some serious funding and a think-tank to start a company with that statement as its motto.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

luv u bitch!!!!!
awesome stuff.
i cudn't stop laughing all the way thru....

1:32 AM  
Anonymous vivek said...

Bitch. Did you post the above comment yourself?

5:02 PM  
Blogger Shalabh said...

lol no Bitch. You think I am that jobless.
BTW take a wild guess who it is

7:52 PM  

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