Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy New Year

Year Two Thousand and Seven began in a not so interesting way when you look back and see all the excitement a new year has brought to me. Most notably the four years of engineering, wherein the probability of having an external exam on 1st or 2nd January was point nine up to five decimal places. So my new years were mostly fraught with excitement, nervousness and a sudden impetuous for February.

This time nothing of that sort. It was a slow day and as most my team members and other employees were on an extended vacation the place was cold, both literally and figuratively. The floor was eerie and the goldenish soporific lights brought nothing but ennui.

Although I don't crave for forlorn surroundings, I kind of enjoyed it this time. I could do anything I wanted. I could keep my legs on the desk, I could sing loud, I could look at web pages on LEGO and stuffed toys without being scorned at or the best part, with the exiguous presence of people around it felt like I was solely responsible for all the work being done around.

But this feeling, like all feelings are, was ephemeral. To add irritation was the omnipresent apathetic "Happy New Year" followed by "How was your vacation?"Everyone where you go, everyone you meet, you ears are impinged with these two phrases and all spoken with competing indifference.It’s like when you have a stone in your hand you involuntarily through it."Happy New Year" became that stone which was thrown the moment you see someone; one that has only content but no warmth.

I was standing beside the water cooler when one person wished the other "Happy New Year" to which this person replied "Yea, Happy to you too". I tried my best to control my laughter which resulted in a weird sounding hiccup."Happy to you to”? What does that mean? Probably he too was frustrated by the unmeaningful statements he had received all day long. I recall on my birthday when all were busy pouncing on the sweets, one wisecrack wished me "happy" and pounced on the sweets, leaving me to fill "Birthday".

Its disheartening to see most of us just say things because the occasion demands it. Shouldn’t we say things with conviction else just don't say them. But I guess since we are in a "professional" environment we have to put up fronts.

Happy New Year to you too.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

And you like.... ?

(click on the image to enlarge)

If you look gingerly, you will realize that each letter has a meaning of its own.
My favourite letter is the 'el'. I Like the way he stands akimbo and just love his tail. It took me eighteen tries to get it like this and I recommend you set it as your wallpaper and imbue yourself with AWE o-<|:o)

What do you like ?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Joke of 2006

Hadlee: Santosh, why the fuck do you have a PAN card in your wallet
Santosh: ID proof maga
Shreyas: Lets get into this party...(RSI club)
Doggie: Balls, those gaurds will ask for ID proof
Shreyas: We'll use Santosh's PAN card